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Ragdoll cats - seal mitted Kittens  Welcome  to  Dreamdolls Ragdoll Cats and Kittens

Breeders of large Ragdoll cats and kittens with personalities to match. Born and raised in our home with health guaranteed. Our Ragdoll cattery has been awarded   CFA Cattery  of  excellence  and  TICA Outstanding cattery. Our Ragdolls make great pets and are registered with: ACFA CFA and TICA Our Ragdoll  cats and kittens are free of All feline diseases.

(Pictured ) Seal Mitted Ragdoll  kittens, The eye color has not been enhanced or retouched

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Ragdoll cattery at a glance


 Ragdoll cats  get quite large

Our Grand Champion Bi-color Ragdoll


Ragdoll cats are listed in the Guinness Book of world records as the largest domestic cats, we at Julia's Dreamdolls believe that this attribute in conjunction with the Ragdoll cats sweet and gentle disposition should be nurtured through selective breeding.  We have maintained a high standard in our ragdoll breeding program and have established a foundation stock for many breeders.  With the emphasis on Health, size and personality we have maintained our Ragdoll  cats free of any health problems whatsoever, in a loving family environment. We adhere to a strict feeding program to ensure that your Ragdoll kitten comes to you in the best of health. Below is shown  Maestro  (our seal mitted male )  at two stages of development,  the first photo at one year and the second at two years, as ragdoll cats can continue to mature for  up to four years this boy is headed for a BIG future, he may even grow into his whiskers!

 male seal mitted adolescentmale seal mitted Ragdoll adult

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  Ragdolls, My Sweeties :-)

Ragdoll cats are really big, they are the cats the cool cats dig. Ragdoll kittens like to play but they sleep eighteen hours a day. When ragdolls wake they roll and run, a ragdoll cat can be such fun. The sweetest of all cats by far, they like to travel in the car, and like a puppy fetch and beg then rub their head against your leg. I love my ragdoll kittens so, mere words could not express this though , and so a poet I am not my words on ragdolls will not stop, for I have found in them a wonder that will never be placed under. Ragdoll cats and ragdoll kittens with their points and with their mittens, with tails high into the air , they shed so little of their hair. How on earth could there ever be a lovelier ragdoll cat than thee.