Lynx point Ragdolls

"Lady Kiara," a young seal mitted Lynx point Ragdoll female

Lynx point ragdolls are regarded by many as the most affectionate and beautiful of all of the ragdoll family. Although this variety of Ragdoll is one of the latest to gain recognition they have been around for many years. The Lynx pattern has been recognized in cats of all breeds for many years and is known by various terms. In the United States the pattern has been refered to as the lynx pattern whereas in England the siamese Lynx are called tabby pointed. The striping  is an addition to the traditional  patterns found in the Ragdoll cat. Therefore they can be mitted, color pointed and Bi-colored and are bred in the standard colors of Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac (frost) although with the introduction and recognition of the flame point by TICA we may see these lovely cats acquire yet another color in the future.They are pointed as are all ragdoll cats, have blue eyes and the rabbit like non matting fur that the ragdoll is known and loved for. This is a low maintenance cat that does not need the grooming that other exotic long haired cats require.

"Lady Kalahari," a young blue mitted Lynx point female

In keeping with tradition the Lynx point Ragdoll cat grows very large and while females generally fall within a range of 10-15 pounds the males have the capacity to reach into the 20 pounds plus range. These cats , like all Ragdolls are purely indoors cats are non aggressive and seem almost fearless. They are truly a lap cat of luxury!

Above are two pictures of  Dreamdolls 'Lady Shasta' at ten weeks of age, she is a blue lynx color point kitten and is about as close to a lion cub as a Ragdoll kitten gets and totally fearless with it!These pictures unfortunately do not capture her blue eyes but we will update :-)

Lady Shasta at six months of age , due to problems uploading pictures the eye color has been considerably reduced, but the beauty and potential of this young lady can still be seen.


Lady Shasta, at a Tica show - 9 months old

 The following photograph shows a six week old Lynx point male,  he is a blue bi-color and over the coming months we will be able to follow his growth and pattern changes.  As he is a bi color his face will have the standard white inverted ' V' and his front legs will be white so the striping will not be as obvious as in the other patterns.  At this stage the tell tale white line around the inner edge of  the ear can be plainly seen and he already exhibits the true blue eyes that  Ragdolls are blessed with.

The pattern starts to show, at  five months, (picture courtesy of Cari Renneker)

At ten months and the swan begins to emerge he is Dreamdolls Diego (picture courtesy of Cari Renneker)

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